Hi, I'm Allyson. I'm a Chicagoland native who loves traveling, baseball and hockey, pizza, puppies, and shoes. I work in hospitality and in my free time I'm usually trying to explore the city on a budget... or I'm at home on the couch playing video games.

I started this blog in 2015 mostly as a way to document my travels and activities in Chicago and beyond. I have always really enjoyed taking pictures, but not wanting to overshare on social media, felt that I had nowhere to put them. I guess it's kind of a haphazard "lifestyle" blog, except I wear too much black and don't have enough (any) $90 candles to qualify for that moniker. It's mostly for my own documentation and enjoyment, but if you're here and reading, thanks! I hope you enjoy.

Unless otherwise noted, I take all photos with my iPhone.  #photographer