There's a starman waiting in the sky...

It's really hard to put into words what David Bowie meant to me. It probably sounds ridiculous, but it feels too personal to share on social media, mixed in with dozens of posts from people just talking about the latest trending topic. 

David Bowie changed my life, as dramatic as that seems. There was a marked change in my life from the first time I heard "Rebel Rebel" as an angsty teenager. Discovering Bowie pushed me to find the courage to unapologetically be myself instead of trying (usually unsuccessfully) to just blend in. When I felt ugly, weird and rejected, I felt like there was someone else who not only understood, but celebrated it. Better to go it alone than to blend in with the boring masses. 

I don't cry often, and I've never gotten weepy over the death of someone I didn't know personally, but I did cry pretty hard when I first learned that he was gone. So many people messaged me last night and this morning to tell me that they immediately thought of me and as sad as the news was, I felt really happy too, and honored to be so strongly associated with my hero.

Thank you for everything. RIP.