Heart Eyes: Sugar & Vice 😍

Wow, I am a truly miserable blogger. I have finally edited some pictures from my trip to Montreal in FEBRUARY, but I haven't managed to finish writing about what I did there. Also, since so far this blog has been largely travel-related, I thought it might be nice to mix it up and write about something totally shallow and unimportant - but fun.

I first discovered Sugar & Vice on Instagram, when someone I follow posted a picture wearing these Crescent Moon earrings.  A quick scroll through their feed and I was pretty much ready to give them all my money - if you know anything about me at all, I'm sure it's easy to see why.

As I get closer and closer to 30, I wonder more often how much I can get away with in terms of wearing cheesy band merchandise.  I guess I'm just old enough to feel silly or out of place sometimes wearing it.  I hardly wear all those band t-shirts smashed into my dresser anymore (though I do have a David Bowie shirt from high school that's been worn almost to shreds that I refuse to give up).  Maybe I'm just getting boring in my old age, because I feel like my style has gotten so basic and repetitive.  But those earrings, or the pin?  Not only would I feel anything but boring, I think I could stroll into the office wearing those and no one would bat an eye.  Even the Aladdin Sane necklace wouldn't feel too "teenager" if it was worn with fairly subdued clothes. It feels like a nice compromise. 

While I was obviously drawn to the Bowie jewelry, I also browsed through some of their other stuff.  They do have a small apparel section, though their focus is clearly the laser-cut acrylic accessories as well as a selection of enamel pins.  Some of the necklaces and earrings do veer into tacky instead of kitschy - I know that 16-year-old Allyson would have LOVED them, which means I would feel a little too juvenile wearing them.  But some of their simpler stuff would really make my uniform of black pants, a plain t-shirt and my trusty hat far less meh, and all but the craziest necklaces would look great with a solid black dress.

There's a few other things I liked about Sugar & Vice right off the bat - one, their products are massively affordable; nothing I looked at was over $30 USD. Two, I recently saw a gorgeous version of the raindrop necklace (above) on Instagram in purple to honor Prince. They haven't put it up on the main website and are taking special orders for it only, because they didn't want to profit off of Prince's death. I think he would have appreciated that.  Both the special order Purple Raindrops necklace and all of the David Bowie items have a percentage of proceeds donated to charities.